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Time to Bust the Myths from Facts on Muscle Building

Time to Bust the Myths from Facts on Muscle Building 1
  1. Myth or fact – The bigger the muscle, the stronger it gets

Myth.The strength of the muscle does not only depend upon the size of its fibre, but on how many muscle fibres become active to exert the force. Over time you ask your muscle to perform more than it usually does. Thus the strength of the muscles increases as it uses more fibres to perform. The size increases when most of the fibres get activated.

  1. Myth or fact – You can tone your muscles and prevent them from bulking up by doing repetitive exercises with light weights.

Myth. Such a thing as toning of the muscles does not really exist. The strength of the muscles increase if they undergo strength training and endurance in muscles increase with cardio exercises. But doing repetitive exercises with light weights do not really tone down muscles.

  1. Myth or fact – Cardio is not required, if circuit training is done.

Myth. Rapid movement of exercise from one strength training to the next is called circuit training. Circuit training does not give much space between two exercises to ensure that the heart rate is maintained. However, this is not a substitute for cardio which involves the repetitive exercise of muscles in the same pattern over a lengthy period of time. The results of these two types of exercises is not the same.

  1. Myth or fact – Doing too much cardio can hinder the buildup of muscle mass.

Fact. A cardio session that spans over 45 – 60 minutes can actually prevent the buildup of muscles as it breaks the muscle tissue and uses up the energy during the process. However, you can combine cardio of 15 – 20 minutes with strength exercises for building up muscles.

  1. Myth or fact – Repetitive exercises can help, even while in bad form to make the muscles tired.

Myth. Exercising in bad form never helps. It only endangers one to the risk of injury. So wait to get in better form and then start your regime.

  1. Myth or fact – It is better to first work on the bigger muscles and then take on to the smaller muscles.

Fact. Working with heavier weights on the bigger muscles is a better idea in the beginning of the session, before progressing to the smaller muscles. Otherwise one gets tired easily with not much energy left to work with heavier weights.

  1. Myth or fact – Using free weights are the best method of improving functional fitness.(the ability to do everyday things)

Myth. This is a complicated subject. Exercises using free weights do not really replicate real life movements. In real life there are lots of muscles at play and functional fitness really depends on all these complex movement of muscles. So there is no guarantee that to improve the functional fitness, free weights are the best technique.

  1. Myth or fact – Weight lifting is the best method to get that ‘buff’ look.

Myth. Appearing ‘buff’ really depends on how much of the fat tissues are placed on top of the muscles. It is not really the shape of the muscles in themselves. In reality people do not have the body chemistry or genetics to naturally look like models on magazine covers or body builders. It is a combination of right exercise and the right diet.

  1. Myth or fact – Drop sets and super sets are suitable training methods for regular people who are interested in fitness.

Fact – Both these fitness techniques are good for regular people as well as for body builders. For those who want to increase workouts for one group of muscles, or burn more calories or reduce the time of workouts – drop sets and super sets are effective tools.

Tips – For drop sets begin with the highest weight you can handle, then reduce it by 20 percent and then repeat as many number of times as you can.

For super sets – Work out for one set of muscles and immediately after that work out for the opposite set. Eg. Biceps – triceps, Chest – Back. Remember not to take rest in between.

  1. Consuming more protein is vital for building muscle for it is protein that constitutes muscles mostly

Myth. Consuming excess protein does not build muscles but doing strength exercises does. It is true that those who take body building seriously need more protein than other people. However, the consumption of protein should not exceed above the required amount. In general, if one consumes healthy food, with healthy snacks at the optimum internals, the protein requirements of the body are met.

  1. Ones should keep increasing the amount of weight lifted with every workout.

Myth – Adding on the load progressively may be effective. But doing so in a rash way may lead to injuries, and even burnout in some cases. So in order to increase the effectiveness, you may add 10 percent more load, and increase the number of repetitions.

  1. 2 to 3 sets of workouts for each muscle group suffices for building strength of muscles

Myth. Training of muscles must be done from different angles and patterns. Different body parts like shoulders, back, chest stomach etc have multiple groups of muscles. Proper training of these groups of muscles must be done to improve the strength.

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