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How to Choose an Orthopaedic Treadmill

Are you looking for a motorized treadmill for domestic purpose? Treadmills have almost become a sensation these days because it has made weight loss much easier. At BodylineFitness, we sell motorized treadmill for domestic purpose at a very reasonable rate. If you want a gym set up at home, motorized treadmill is the first thing that you need to consider.

But before you buy a motorized treadmill for home use it is very important to consider certain facts. There are people who have different kinds of orthopaedic problems. Orthopaedics is usually a disorder related to joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin and nerves.

Therefore, before you choose the motorized treadmill for home use you need to check certain qualities.

  • It is important to choose a motorized treadmill for domestic purpose that can accommodate the pace of any user. The start speed should be zero in this case and the increments should be at a speed of 15km/hr maximum.
  • The running track of orthopaedic treadmills is usually cushioned. You do not get extra pressure on your muscles, ligaments or tendons because of the cushion.
  • People with orthopaedic problem usually require walking support. The motorized treadmill from BodylineFitness offers this kind of special features.
  • The treadmill from BodylineFitness also offers an orthopaedic belt which makes the workout much safer for the joints.

BodylineFitness offers motorized treadmill from Gymtrac that has different features which are helpful in case of orthopaedic problems.

Motorized treadmill Gymtrac T485 is available on the BodylineFitness store at a price as low as ₹38,750. The Gymtrac T610 can be bought at ₹44,000. These are two of the cheapest motorized treadmill for domestic purpose. The best part of Bodyline Fitness is that they ship your products through reputed shipments agencies by road or by train. The price of the products does not include the shipping charges.

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